Studying a certain physical model of the universe, ‘Z-Model’, based on what is known as the ‘emergence’ phenomenon’, where in the single-law universe is considered to have emerged from an ‘initial nucleus‘ to ‘grow’ in time, acquiring new foundational structures, spontaneously, at certain critical stages, and hence new topology, features, and potentials there upon.

Employing a suitable mathematical formalism that describes this ‘emerging process’ of the universe, whose outcome has to be a single equation, i.e. the mathematical expression of the single law of the universe

Treating every and each entity of the universe as a mini-universe at its own right, suggesting they follow the same single law as does the universe at large, and hence is described by the same single equation of the universe

This equation is then expected to describe not only the universe as a whole (as well as its states especially those emerged in critical stages), but also every entity of the universe, small or large, living or inanimate, … starting from the Zero-Point Energy to the large scales of the macro universe

Each and every entity is defined as a single vector in complex vector space, created by its own specific field, and studied in the ‘context’, rather than ‘content’ as by reductionist approach followed from the Newton’s mechanical view

The ‘principle of least action’, quantum field Theory, chaos Theory, Group Theory, Category Theory, and the Geometric Algebra (Clifford algebra) are the main mathematical tools employed in the formalism of Z-Model

Interpretation of the wave function and its collapse phenomenon in the framework of the Z-Model

Studying the likely role of the Zeros of the Riemann Zeta function and L-functions in nature and hence the ‘emerging process’ of the Z-Model; and searching for a quantum operator whose eigenvalues are the Zeros of Zeta function (Hilbert-Polya Conjecture)

Investigating the Simple Groups and the Monster Group and their likely roles in the emerging process of the Z-Model

Detailed investigation into the ‘Quantum Tunneling’ phenomenon in framework of the Z-Model

Applying Z-Model to biology, studying every living being in the ‘context’, rather than ‘content’ as per today’s biology; introducing a different framework for pathology and hence therapeutic systems

Reviewing the ‘Stem Cells’ and the ‘Gene Expression’ in the framework of Z-Model, suggesting that cell differentiation starts as from the first cell division of the initial zygote and continuing to do so alongside the cell division throughout the life of the being.

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